Kellers Burger Drive-IN

Current music: Aerosmith- Sweet Emotion 

Have you ever lost yourself in a day dream so savory that you’re able to recall every detail? Mine always seem to take place in the 70’s. In one in particular, I’m in a scene comparable to the film “Dazed and Confused”. Matthew McConaughey offers me a joint while I sip on my strawberry milkshake in my Letterman Jacket. We’re at the local drive in with a backdrop of burgers and fries. Theres classics on the juke box and kids gossiping in anticipation for the rad high school party we were going to later. We sit around, passing time, while we wait for my parents to leave the house so we could haul in the kegs. Everyone is laughing and I sit there in complete bliss, without a worry in the world relishing this moment that was never really mine to keep. There’s something so nostalgic about a cities local drive in. And as we pull into Kellers Burger Drive-In, this daydream became even more blurred with my reality. And even though it wasn’t Mr. McConaughey passing me a j, I was pretty stoked to pretend it was.

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Sweet Emotion by Aerosmith passed through our stereo as we turned off Northwest Highway into this little gem from the past. It immediately reminded me of Top Notch in Austin, TX, where Dazed and Confused was actually filmed. The place was comfortable kind of unkempt with fried smells that would make your mouth water. People were everywhere, drinking Miller Lights and eating their food off their cars or from their truck beds. Bikers in one corner, minivans in the other. A melting pot of clientele here to enjoy nice weather, good vibes and tasty treats. This place had me at the get go. I feel like when you find a place like this, you discover this feeling of recognition. It’s saturated in that “I’ve been here before” kind of vibe.

We pulled into a carport and turned off the car. I was quick to hop out and check out the menu. Holy shit was it basic and I mean that in the best way possible. I’m not quite sure when “basic” obtained it’s negative rep, but that’s a topic for another day. Anyways, this place was simplicity at it’s finest. I was surprised with how small the menu was and the prices seemed to have stayed the same since it’s opening in the 1950’s. It’s easy to see why it’s customer base doesn’t just stay consistent, but keeps growing.


See what I mean?

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I decided to order a regular cheeseburger which included a classic poppyseed bun, mustard, onion, tomato, fresh beef patty, ketchup and pickles.

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And yes, I’ll take onion rings and a shake with that side of fries.

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Bite after bite, I melted into these perfected menu items and attempted to savor (and not completely devour) this feast of American classics. Sided with fine pilsners, the fresh outdoors and good friends, I finally felt that Sweet Emotion that Aerosmith had been singing about. We stayed for about an hour swapping stories and guzzling Miller Light and just like that, we were gone.


Immediately, I knew I had to tell the world about this classic little drive in. So here I am, spilling the beans. Just to give you some background on fine establishment, let me give you the run down. Mr. Keller opened this drive-in in the 1950’s with the goal of making this place a destination for burgers and beer. SIMPLE.  He refuses to raise the prices of his product or renovate due to the fact that he wants to stay consistent and isn’t that a blessing for us?

” The secret to business is a good, consistent product, year in and out at a reasonable price”- Jack Keller 

Not only are the menu and prices consistent, but be sure to check out the badass car hops. A few of these women have made being a Kellers car hop a career and have worked there for over 20 years. It’s easy to see that the people here are just one big happy family! With three locations within the DFW, I’ve made it a priority to go to each one and see if the vibe sticks through each.

If you’re looking for a place to take you back to your younger years or even years you’ve only seen in the movies, do yourself a solid and let Kellers take you back one bite at a time. Trust me,


Cheers sweet things,

Sunny Sultana


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