HAWAii Video

In June I went on the last trip I would be going on with whom I considered to be the love of my life. Things had fallen apart beyond repair and distance had proven a stronger opponent than we had thought, tearing trust to shreds..  Nonetheless, we had planned this trip to Hawaii months before our demise and decided to enjoy this last time together. While it saddened me to let go of someone that had changed my life for years, it makes my heart happy to know this beautiful place is where we lay our love to rest. Some people may have judged me for going on a trip on such heartbreaking terms, but I rather have my memory celebrate what we had with beauty and adventure rather than hate for fall of what once was.  Life is too short to hold negativity and I fell head over heels for a new love…. Hawaii! Words can’t explain the beauty that constantly surrounds you as you walk on these beautiful islands, but maybe this video can help!


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