Playlist: WKOUT I

Researchers have told us that it takes 66 days to make something a habit. Therefore I will be busting my ass for the next nine and a half weeks to slim down and get my figure back. Moving back to America really messed up my metabolism as well as my digestion. Food here, compared to Australia, is so much more jam packed with pesticides and GMO’s that it’s been a battle getting back down to my slim shape. Between that and all the partying I’ve been doing, It’s time to sort my life out and I believe that starts with taking care of my insides and mentality. We only got one body right? And my body needs a nice butt and cute summer body. Anyways, in order to stay motivated during my workouts, I have created a playlist that makes push a little harder and gives me that extra *oomph*. Whether you’re doing cardio, strength or just need something upbeat, this little guy will help lift your spirits and keep on keepin’ on…

  1. Gold- Kilara
  2. I took a pill in Ibiza- Mike Posner SeeB Remix
  3. Be Right there- Diplo ft. Sleepy Tom
  4. Pray to God- Calvin Harris
  5. The Girl is Mine- 99 Souls
  6. Intoxicated- Marvin Solveig
  7. Namesake- Tunde Olaniran
  8. Lay it all on me- Rudimental ft. Ed Sheeren
  9. A Sky full of stars- Coldplay
  10. Dip- Danny Brown
  11. You’re on- Madeon ft. Kyan
  12. DVNO- Justice
  13. Bad Girls- M.I.A.
  14. Nobody to Love- Sigma
  15. Wish you were mine- Phillip George

Personally, I’ve been using these for a HIIT Cardio for the first mile or two. Then I choose four different workout moves for whatever area I’m aiming for that day. And I do twelve sets of each, 4 times. Example today I did:

1.5 Miles HIIT Cardio
12 reps of lateral arm raises
12 reps of tricep dips
12 reps of Squat Presses
12 reps of Mountain Climbers
30 second plank
Repeat this 4 times.

Anyways, hope this playlist helps you sweat a little more or just puts you in a better mood throughout your day. Good luck to all you other people trying to get your bodies right and good luck to me!

XO Sunny



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