Daily Dose of Good

To me, there is nothing more important in this world than improving the quality of life for others. Doing something kind for someone and expecting nothing in return. It’s beneficial for many reasons; allow me to list three:

First, it simply makes you feel good. Doing things for others naturally makes you feel a sense of worth. Whether you have experienced this feeling or not, it’s overwhelming and gives you a sense of being. It fills your spirit with empathy, fills your heart with love and ignites your humanity.

Second, it helps give hope. Hope is lingering in a media driven society thats main consequence has been spreading negativity through minds, like wildflowers.We are becoming jaded earlier and earlier and the grounds for believing in other humans are cracking and being mended with cynicism. We are acknowledging bullying and creating a funny connotation on putting others down, when we should be teaming up to lift one another. We open Facebook only to find name calling, threats and uneducated opinions; fighting and selfishness. How beautiful to see light amongst the darkness, to help others see it.

Third, in doing so, we are leaving the world better than it was left for us. It would be easy to fall into the selfish “me” norm, but what a world to leave for your children. A world where they must fend on their own without love and empathy from the world around them. The energy of this earth is dependent on its residents, on us.

This blog post isn’t to raise awareness of all the pessimistic things there are in the world, but to ignite a spark of positivity and belief that the world is still good. To help even the few who read it to feel something other than disappointment when they think of our world events. If we stop letting the media evoke a hostile mentality and begin looking to one another for hope, for a team, the world may take a step in the right direction.  So let’s begin to celebrate even the smallest acts of kindness. Let us allow ourselves to rejoice in uplifting words and encouragement and cancel out the repetitive beating downs thrown in our direction.

In celebration of the good, I have decided to share with you all ten of my favorite uplifting videos that I have shared on my Facebook. I use Facebook as a media outlet and overwhelm it with uplifting things for others… I call this my daily dose of good. I hope these bring smile to your soul and inspire you to be all you can in your own light. We all have it inside of us, some of us just need to learn how to let it shine. Start with a smile, that’s always a good start.

  1. A big hearted man and his calling to build tiny homes for the homeless.
  2. Gusty dad starts a car wash to help his son find purpose.
  3. A cafe serves up job training, support and employment for adults with special needs.
  4. A man gives the shirt off his back to a homeless man in NYC
  5. Ellen DeGeneres. Just all of this. So many feels.
  6. Blending as a family through divorce and remarriage.
  7. Low income children having to choose between a present for themselves, or one for their parents.
  8. “She created a coat that turns into a sleeping bag for homeless people, but when she was told that they needed jobs more than coats, she stepped up to that challenge too.”
  9. The radio station that gave this grieving mother a beautiful surprise.
  10. A young boy helping bring hope to a bullied classmate.

I hope these find you and give you hope to believe. It matters not which religion you practice or what higher being you believe in, but please recognize the common denominator that we are not here to rival against one another attempting to conquer each others beliefs. Liberate yourself from the negative saturation of society and find yourself free in a reality where there is good around you. Create your own reality, where YOU are good; where you feel for others. In the words of Ellen DeGeneres herself…

“It’s a little strange to get actually get an award for being nice and generous and kind which is what we’re all supposed to do with one another because that’s the point of being a human.”

We are here to love one another, respect one another and be kind to one another… learn this and everything else is just icing on the cake.

xoxo sunny






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