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One of my favorite parts of travel are all the secret treasures lingering behind the closed doors on every road. Never knowing what you’ll find, who you’ll meet or the stories you’ll hear. On our latest exploration of the beautiful town of Chapala, we happened to stumble upon a big wooden door that read “QQ B&B”.



The world is an amazing place. You never know who you will meet or which road being pleasant to someone will take you. As we wandered the streets of Chapala, Mexico, we came upon an Aussie man who was welcoming as can be. After a bit of conversation, he stated he owned a hotel and invited my family to come stay at his little slice of paradise. We walked down an empty road to two big wooden doors with no sign and as he opened them, I realized we had hit the jackpot….





As we were shown the rooms available, we were slowed from having to pick up our jaws that had repeatedly fallen to the ground. Noticing the quiet and tranquil energy,  I asked how many rooms he had in total…. 6 rooms. A beautiful, exclusive 6. With stunning views, utter privacy and beautiful aesthetic, we knew we had stumbled upon something special.





Each room as beautiful and isolated as the next. Filled with extensive tiling, beautiful modern renovations and yet still staying true to the classic Mexican feel.



A five minute walk to the center of town, and right across the road from the beach and outside market… Q&Q provided us with not only comfort and privacy, but easy exploration.  My three favorite things!! So here I am sharing our secret with you all… if you’re ever in town, be sure to look for the sign and be prepared to fall in love. Oh, and always remember…You never know what you can find when you’re willing to knock on a closed door.


xo Sunny




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