Photoshoot// Jess & Mase

I’m unsure if there is anything more beautiful than seeing the bond between mother and child. This one in particular always takes my breath away. Allow me to introduce you to the beautiful Montgomery family, Jessica and her son Mason. Words can not describe the strength behind this woman’s eyes, the lioness mentality to keep her little cub safe. Through all tribulation she finds the hope, through all the darkness she finds light. Her love flows without restraint and Mason knows just that. So let us whisper a silent “hell yeah” for jess and all the other single mothers out there slaying away the worlds demons and creating a haven of love for their little babes. You all help remind us that in this cold world, there’s still warmth.

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Family is everything. I can not stress that enough. You may be able to walk alone, but why would you want to? Embrace love.

xo sunny


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