Elote y Esquites Recipe

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Now, I’m not sure about the rest of the United States, but here in Texas it’s become quite the trend to snack on a traditional Mexican treat called Esquites. To my surprise, I never thought the trend would extend all the way to Australia. As I’m at my local burrito place in Perth, we see a sign for Esquites and my jaw dropped. Firstly, because Australians don’t get to enjoy traditional Mexican Food due to a lot of the produce being unavailable because of location. Secondly, because Elote is my shit. I ordered it and to my dismay…. it was a mere mock without any of the good stuff to spice up your life. Skip to a month later, I’m in the U.S. and my first craving…. Street Tacos and Mother freaking Esquites. I dove in and literally let the mix of corn and flavor cover my tastebuds in pure savory bliss. We were back in a relationship and I was enthused. Alas, the thought that the rest of the world couldn’t enjoy it properly hurt my heart and brought a tear to my eye. That is why, I will be sharing my recipe here, for you all to indulge in, modify and enjoy.


Street Corn (Elote in spanish) is literally just that. Corn grilled, mixed and served on the side of the road all through Mexico. I had my best version in Guadalajara (photo above). Now, Elote can be served in many forms with the most popular being in a cup with savory goodness known as Esquites. Other ways include on the cob, roasted with Parmesan and chilli or in a cup with lime and chilli. I will be teaching you the classic savory version which isn’t the healthiest, but f*** it!

In order to make some bomb ass Esquites you will need the following: (serves 4)

  • 4 ears of corn
  • 1/4 cup of mayo
  • 1/4 cup mexican crema
  • 1 teaspoon of ancho chilli
  • Valentina hot sauce (to your liking)
  • 1 Lime
  • 1/2 cup cotija cheese or queso fresco
  • Salt to taste
  • fresh cilantro finely chopped

You can find most of the ingredients at FIESTA or your local Michocana. And don’t worry about purchasing these ingredients and never using them again… all of them are super addictive and used in a majority of Mexican recipes, as well as easily incorporated into recipes you probably already know! It’s all fairly simple from here and most of the ingredients you are adding specifically to your liking.


  1. Heat a grill to medium/ high head and throw the corn on that flame. Grill until the corn looks a bit charred which is usually around 7 minutes, rotating sides every other minute.
  2. Use a knife to slice the kernels off the cob and put into a bowl
  3. Add your crema, mayo, cotija queso, cilantro and ancho chilli and stir that crazy goodness all together
  4. Distribute into 4 cups or bowls
  5. Have everyone add their own lime, salt and valentina hot sauce (I usually do about two lime wedges, four shakes of valentina and just a pinch of salt, but everyone likes their spice different!)
  6. Enjoy that tasty snack!


If you give it a try, I promise you’ll fall in love with this easy breezy lip licking treat. You can also eat it right off the cob if you choose to keep it a little more classic! In that case it is almost the same recipe:


  1. Heat a grill to medium/ high head and throw the corn on that flame. Grill until the corn looks a bit charred which is usually around 7 minutes, rotating sides every other minute.
  2. Spread the crema all over the ear of corn and sprinkle the cotija cheese, cilantro, lime and chilli.
  3. Grab some napkins and chow down!

    38 42
    Corn is the bomb. Corn in a cup with all that other stuff listed above is the shit. Wanna get wild with it? DO IT. Grill up some fajita meat, chop it up and make this a meal! There’s really no wrong way to make this your own! TREAT YO’ SELF!







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