Must Have Apps for Iphone

Turns out, I am also an app addict or more so an app hoarder (It may be becoming obvious that I have an incredibly addictive personality). I love to try out new ones and see what benefit they can bring to my online life, but there are very few that stay with
me after their judgement trials. So here are my top ten, can’t live without, apps for iPhone (besides Instagram, Facebook, Spotify and Skype).


1.SNAPSEED – One of my all time favorite apps for fixing photos. It has every aspect you need for upgrading the quality of your photos and enhancing a professional aesthetic. Shadow, Sharpen, Contrast, Whatever your heart desires. I use it to brighten alot of my photos without losing resolution. Although this app doesn’t have filters which is where this guy comes in…

vscoScreen Shot 2015-09-18 at 11.48.08 AM Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 11.49.20 AM

2. VSCOCAM – My all time favorite Filter App. With a large filter library it’s easy to find the coloration you want for all styles of photos. I use this app daily for almost every photo I post on my instagram, cause lets face it, I’m not a huge fan of the Instagram Filters. This app also has the option to dig a little deeper and enhance shadow, sharpening, fade and all the good stuff so if I need to do a light edit, I’ll just skip Snapseed and use VSCO cam all together.

a beautiful mess copy      Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 11.49.48 AM Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 11.50.19 AM

3. ABM – This is the Application I use to add words to photos. It also has the option to put some fun designs and stuff on there too, but I stick to using it for wording.

4. iMGUR – This app is a share platform that allows brilliant people to entertain other brilliant people. With categories such as ” Funny, Awesome, Aww, The more you know, Story time, Current Events, Design and Reaction”, this app is filled with memes, stories and gifs to keep you entertained through even the most boring of situations. I use it to have a laugh and also, to refreshingly keep up with world events.
map5. MAP MY RIDE – I bike, alot. And I love keeping track of where I’m biking and how long I go for. This app not only keeps track of my routes using the location on my phone, but also breaks down my ride to show the mph I average per mile. Great thing about MMR is it also records my runs, other workouts I do in the gym and has a food log I use to document my calorie intake. It’s probably my favorite fitness app I’ve come to contact with thus far.


6. UBER – I like cheap rides. I like them to the airport. I like them to a concert. And I like them when I’m too drunk to drive my car. Overall, I like not driving myself places and this app lets me lounge in the comfort of those who are willing to drive there for me. Uber is great and as I found out during my living abroad in Australia, they are international. Side note: Although I love Uber, I do recommend not using it in Mexico. Cabs are pissed at their clientele going to these drivers and have been known to try and light their cars on fire. We made an effort to stay away from them there. JUST SAYING.
alpha copy

7. ALHABETTY – I enjoy a good challenge…especially when it comes to spelling. For one reason or another spelling relaxes me almost as much as Sodoku. Alphabetty is a joyful little spelling game I tend to play while I’m waiting places, before bed and when I’m out in social settings trying to ignore people. It will be your friend and your foe due to the fact that it is incredibly addicting and you will want to play it a lot.

8. TIMEHOP – Oh the memories. I quite like waking up and checking this app to see all the ridiculous things I’ve decided to post on the internet throughout my years of living. This app connects to facebook, twitter, instagram and pulls all the things that happened on the exact same day, years prior. Remember that ex boyfriend you were trying to forget? There he is! Remember that awesome trip you took to bali? Don’t you wish you were there again now?! I’m a firm believer in moving forward, but I’m also a firm believer in seeing how far I’ve come! Plus, who doesn’t love a good giggle.

9. SNAPCHAT – Photos and videos from people that can only be seen for ten seconds. You can see who views your snaps and send private ones of your face being a mess to your best friends. Case closed. This is fun.


Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 11.47.29 AM

10. SKYSCANNER – I am constantly looking for my next trip and I have found Skyscanner to pull the best prices from a crazy amount of sources, the fastest. I am utterly in love with this app because not only is it efficient, but it also allows you to look up flights and compare prices in different months if you don’t have a specific time to travel, so that you get the cheapest prices. If you are a fellow traveler, I highly recommend sky scanner being at your disposal.

So there you have it. The apps that make me wiggle, giggle and tickle my fancy. What are some of your favorite apps? Is there something awesome I’m missing out on? Let me know


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