Playlist: ZING

I am very easily what they call a music addict. Constantly prowling for new tunes to push me through my days, pick me up when I need a helping hand and just give me that extra *zing* when I’m feeling *zang*. And let’s face it… life’s tough and who doesn’t need a little nudge in the right direction?!

So here you go. My ZING playlist. Now there’s no heavy drops or crazy tempos, just steady chill BPM’s and lots of feel good stuff. Throw this little sucker on when you’re driving somewhere and need a boost or when you’re laying in your room about to sleep. It keeps me chill and makes my head nod yes to mess.

  1. Left hand free- ALT J
  2. Hollywood- RAC
  3. Say My Name- ODESZA FT. ZYRA
  4. Gone- JRJR
  5. Tongues- Joywave
  6. Nightshift- HUGO
  7. electric love- B0RNS
  8. My Silver Lining- FIRST AID KIT
  9. Shake It Off- US THE DUO
  10. Let Go- RAC ft. KELE & MND
  11. 99 problems- HUGO
  12. Simple as this – JAKE BUGG

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